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  • September 21, 2022
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At first glance, we can’t tell the difference between an airsoft or a real gun, because of the physical resemblance that almost resembles one another. Although there are actually many very big differences found in these two rifles. Airsoft from the name alone is clear, “soft” which means soft, and “air” which means air. Airsoft uses very small wind power to be able to move its BB munitions or ball bullets with a size of 6 mm to 8 mm (paintball) with a weight of 0.2 grams to 0.45 grams. As for paintball munitions containing paint with a size of 8 mm, weighing up to 1 gram.

Airsoft certainly has many users compared to paintball, the rules for both are contained in Political Regulation No. 5 of 2018 concerning Wasdal Replica of Airsoft gun and Paintball Weapons. However, paintball itself has a physique that is usually not precise with existing firearms.

The next difference is from special physical characteristics, where the Airsoft gun has a barrel or inner barrel, which is about 6.2 mm in size, and an outer barrel which of course has a wider diameter. Where this is not found in firearms, which only have one barrel.

Although the Airsoft Gun has the same physicality as the original firearm, of course, the owners of this toy gun are not allowed to use their unit for self-defense.

According to Adam S Nugraha Humas PORGASI Bandung Raya (Indonesian Airsoftgun Sports Association), whatever the reason the airsoft unit is not allowed to be used as a self-defense tool. “If you are threatened, you better save yourself, or as much as possible avoid physical contact. You save yourself with other self-defense tools and even then if you really have to, otherwise it’s better for us to avoid and report it to the authorities,” said Adam.

Adam said that the main difference between an airsoft unit and a firearm is the orange tip or orange tape on the muzzle or muzzle of the airsoft unit. existing regulations, and are threatened with severe sanctions for those who do not comply,” continued Adam.

Airsoft is actually a tool for exercising, whether it’s reaction shooting or a wargame recreational sport which is often called skirmish. “Airsoft is a sports tool, not a self-defense tool, if for self-defense with a rifle there are rules, maybe you can ask the authorities directly or the police to get it. information related to rifles that can be used for self-defense,” Adam added.

As for the information that we often hear about criminal acts committed using airsoft. According to Adam, this should be asked again to the police investigators, because according to him these criminals usually use Airgun units which are certainly more dangerous than Airsoft units. “Even the Airgun can be life-threatening, you know if it is shot at close range and hits vital organs,” Adam concluded.

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