Paintball is a combat simulation activity using paint bullets equipped with semi-automatic weapons. The appearance is no less cool than the Indonesian military forces because in paintball we also wear combat helmets with striped colors.

Paintball game material: defense and attack, seizing the opponent’s flag, releasing hostages or eliminating opponents is one of the most popular. Because in it you will be asked for courage, wrongly, not the opponent who was shot but you who were hit first. But Don’t Worry You can’t play anymore or fall out! In this type of game, of course, there are rules that basically the players are satisfied to feel the atmosphere of war.

For those of you who like combat scenes, you can channel your hobby by playing paintball. If you want to try an adrenaline-pumping activity that makes your life more colorful? Come on, play paintball at Montreal Paintball. Targeting each other and hiding behind barricades specially designed for Montreal Paintball soldiers or trees will create a sensation of tension and still be fun and stress will disappear instantly.

In the arena owned by Montreal Paintball, it is spacious enough to play and equipped with obstacles that make the game more interesting. Montreal Paintball is a place where you and your friends can release boredom by playing paintball.

Tired of daily activities? Want an activity that is different from the others?

Let’s try activities that can stimulate your adrenaline by playing paintball at Montreal Paintball. For only Rp. 165,000 you can play paintball complete with Tippmann Semi-Automatic Weapon, 40 Paintball Bullets, Uniform Paintball, Paintball Uniform, Body Protector Paintball, Goggle Paintball (Face Protection), Paintball Helmet, Standard Medicine, Mineral Water, rental area, entrance ticket, and Trainer Paintball & Technical Team.

Buy this deal right away and feel the thrill of playing paintball with your friends!!

Montreal Paintball has been in the world of outbound training under the name Bindika Outbound since 2004 and to strengthen our presence in the world of outbound training, especially in the field of paintball. We made Montreal Paintball as a complement and reinforcement in the outbound field.

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