5 Benefits of Playing Paintball That are Fun and Exciting

Paintball is an intense sport. Some of the benefits of paintball that can be felt are the whole body is actively moving, increasing strength and endurance, leaving interpersonal skills, and reducing stress.

Not only is it fun and exciting, but playing paintball is also a fun activity. Actually, this is an intense sport, but the interactive paintball rules provide a special sensation. In one team, people ranging from those who are just starting to try to those who are used to it can both feel the thrill of paintball.

So, for those who have long wanted to try fun activities as well as exercise, paintball can be an option. Then for those who have done it often, it turns out that there are many benefits for your physical health.

Benefits of playing paintball

People who can’t make time several times a week to hit the gym can choose paintball as an alternative to exercise. One paddle, two or three islands passed. Because when playing paintball with friends, co-workers, spouses, or relatives, this is also a place to socialize.

Interestingly, here are some of the benefits of playing paintball:

  1. Whole body is actively moving

It’s not wrong if paintball is called a full-body workout. Because, when playing, there are activities to crawl, run fast, shoot, jump, and so on. Moreover, paintball must be done in a fast tempo and unconsciously the body has been actively moving for almost an hour.

So, this one sport can be an alternative for people who find it difficult to consistently run a certain exercise routine. In a way, paintball is a fun way to exercise without feeling like you’re being forced to move.

  1. Increase strength and endurance

When playing paintball, the body will move in such a way that its endurance and strength increases. Not only that, playing paintball also requires you to move quickly while carrying equipment. This of course also builds strength.

The part of the body that feels stronger when playing paintball is the legs from doing squats and running. In addition, the hands also become stronger because they carry weapons and shoot. Another bonus, of course, the core muscles become more stable and make the posture better.

  1. Improve interpersonal skills

Of course, paintball is a team sport. There needs to be a strategy, giving cues to each other, to execution that requires cooperation in it. This can build togetherness as a team and also hone your interpersonal skills, especially if you’re the one giving the command.

As a bonus, intense games will make each individual on the team give their best. This is where self-confidence increases. Physical activity will also make the body release endorphins that improve mood.

  1. Burn calories

Of course, the whole movement while playing paintball will burn a lot of calories. This can be a choice of physical activity for those who are maintaining weight. If you want to find exercise without having to go to the gym, then paintball can be an option. The bonus, of course, is that the body’s metabolism is more optimal and you sleep more soundly.

  1. Relieves stress

Feeling tired with business or work? Paintball can be the right stress relief. Feeling frustrated and want to vent it through physical activity? This sport can be an option without endangering others. Again, the endorphins that come from this intense workout can relieve stress and calm the mind.

Paintball Rules

The key to the rules of playing paintball is to make sure everyone in the group is on the same page. So, before starting to play, make sure you have devised a strategy to win the game.

Here are some general paintball rules:

  • Define boundaries

Before the game begins, identify the field area and define the boundaries of each member in the group. Don’t let the area be too big or too small. Adjust the number of people participating.

Likewise with the opponent’s area. Determine how wide it is and as much as possible so as not to see each other well. That is, there needs to be a lot of bushes and trees to hide

  • Flag dead zone

Make sure everyone knows the location of the staging area or dead zone and don’t approach or shoot them. This is the area where people gather after being eliminated. Usually, at this point, the paintball playing equipment is also placed.

Ideally, the dead zone should be far enough from the play area. The goal is for players to be able to remove their helmets and clean them without risking getting shot.

  • Make a rule about getting shot

A player is said to have been shot if they leave a trail of paint bullets on their body or equipment. Sometimes, there are also games that don’t count the bullet traces on the weapon. In addition, it is also possible for someone to be said to have been shot if they have been shot several times.

This difference in rules must also be agreed upon before the game starts. If you’re not sure if you’ve been shot or not, you can ask for a paint check. This is a check procedure on nearby players.

If it has been shot, the player must raise his weapon above his head, give the signal that he has been shot, and head to the dead zone. Make sure to always hold your gun above your head whenever you meet another player.

  • Winner Determination

A team is said to win if it has reached all the targets. What these targets are can also vary depending on the initial agreement. Is it for the elimination of opposing players? Or capture the flag? If there is already a winner, all players on the field must be notified.

Ideally, paintball games shouldn’t last too long. Because the intensity of paintball can make players tired quickly. In playing paintball you must prioritize safety and security. Make sure all personnel know the safety rules to keep wearing protective equipment (helmets, goggles) and wearing appropriate clothing while in the field.

Also, don’t drink alcohol before or while playing. Each individual is also not allowed to shoot haphazardly or blindly firing.

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